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Why YOU Need a Non-Fiction Ghostwriter or Co-Author

Perhaps you are an expert at your hobby or occupation, have a story to tell, or have conducted extensive research on a particular topic. However, you aren’t the writer you would like to be, nor do you have the time. A Ghostwriter or Co-Author can help. They will take your research, or do the research for you and write your book.

What’s the Difference–Ghostwriter or Co-Author:

A Ghostwriter writes your book and you retain the author cover credit, the copyright, all book royalties and complete confidentiality.  A Co-Author often writes the majority of your book, along with what you have written, and receives cover credit often using “with,” or “and,” as well as book royalties.

For example, John Dean is an expert on restoring classic corvettes and wants to share his knowledge with the world. He recognizes he is not a writer, so John hires Sandy Green to write his manuscript, and the book is published with John’s name on the cover: “How to Restore a Classic in Your Spare Time,” by John Dean. Erin Grace on the other hand wants to publish a camping craft book. She works with Sandy Green as a Co-Author, who is writing part of the book. Erin’s book is published as “Camping Crafts for Kids,” by Erin Grace and Sandy Green. Both author’s will receive royalty credits from the book sales in this case.



  • Ghostwriter
  • Co-Author
    • Standard book for Ghostwriter/Co-Author is approximately 50,000 words, equal to roughly 150 – 200 pages.
  • Book Coaching
  • Blog/Facebook Post Ghostwriting
    • posts include the writing of text content for your blog, but do not include posting the text to your blog.
  • Small Projects: 100 pages or less and 10,00-25,000 words.
    • Press Releases
    • Content Articles

Editing Services

  • Proofreading: formatting, tense, grammar, punctuation & spelling. No content changes.
  • Copy editing: Includes proofreading, syntax and sentence structure, evaluate word choices and some revision.
  • Developmental (Substantive) Editing: Analyzing text as a whole; from organizational structure, sentence flow, logical arguments and includes negotiated revisions and conducting major revisions to the development of the document to the tune of a re-write in an effort to strengthen the structure and substance of the document content.

$35 – $65 per 1000 words for a stand alone editing project you have written.




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